Vehicle 2 Grid

Gridable Vehicles with V2G

v2g_badgeEDI’s Vehicle 2 Grid (V2G) solution enables electric vehicles to power and be powered by the grid with bi-directional charging capabilities. BEVs and PHEVs can make excess, previously unutilized rechargeable battery capacity available to power the grid to offload peak demands, or for the purposes of transformer servicing. 

For utility vehicles looking to extend their all-electric, zero emissions range, EDI’s V2G solution provides the ability to rapid charge directly from the grid when standard charging infrastructure is unavailable.

For utilities servicing power lines, EDI’s V2G and modular software architecture synchronizes with grid to enable live servicing which eliminates or reduces downtime during planned and unplanned outages.

EDI’s V2G-enabled vehicles will increase the efficiency and reliability of the existing grid infrastructure while decreasing overall petroleum use.


Vehicle 2 Grid(V2G) vs. Power 2 Export(P2E). What's the Difference?

While the technology involved in both V2G and P2E is very similar, the difference is significant. 

V2G enables a vehicle to connect with the main source of electrical power... the general utility power grid. A vehicle enabled with EDI V2G technology can both draw power from an electrical connection and push power back into the grid itself.

P2E technology enables an EDI V2G equipped vehicle to supply power for external use (like having a portable power generator at all times), wether it’s enabling you to run a power saw in a remote location, emergency lighting when no power is available, or even powering an entire block of homes during scheduled or un-scheduled work on main power supplies.


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