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EDI utility and telecom PHEV solutions

As national, state, and local governing bodies aggressively advance regulations to evolve towards a zero vehicle emissions future, utility companies are responding with fleet solutions that use electricity as a primary fuel. While the utility industry as a whole has embraced the Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV) as the platform of choice, today’s marketplace lacks viable solutions that meet the day-to-day performance requirements of traditional work trucks, but also significantly reduce emissions and offer a variety of additional in-demand solutions, such as all-electric/zero-emission operations, jobsite idle elimination, all-electric power takeoff (ePTO), and grid-reliable export power. As a result, utility providers are forced to weigh tradeoffs between compliance, price, and performance.

EDI_PGECabAndJuiceAt EDI, we build robust “no tradeoff” utility solutions that meet regulatory, price, and performance requirements. Customers that implement EDI utility solutions benefit from significant reductions in R&D costs and unparalleled levels of performance and functionality.

Recent Success:

EDI partnered with Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) and the California Energy Commission to develop a variety of innovative work truck solutions based upon EDI’s world-first medium-duty PHEV drivetrain. Available in two major configurations—both of which come standard with 35+ miles of all-electric range—the new work truck offers more power and performance than PG&E’s conventional diesel work trucks, while enabling PG&E to reduce fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions by 80 percent.

Features include:

  • 35+ mile all electric vehicle driving range
  • 350+ mile range with Series-Parallel PHEV Drive
  • Highway speed of 65+ mph in full electric vehicle mode
  • Up to 500 horsepower available in parallel mode
  • 24+ hours idle free power for vehicle ePTO, accessories and job site tools
  • Continuous AC power export at 120 kilowatts
  • Synchronization with grid for live servicing
  • Vehicle and telematics data collection
  • 2WD/4WD capable in electric or hybrid mode


EDI and PG&E Collaboration from Efficient Drivetrains.

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