Patent Portfolio

Speed time to market and reduce development costs

EDI has a significant patent portfolio covering fundamental Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle and  Hybrid Electric Vehicle concepts, control algorithms, continuously variable transmissions (CVT), and application of CVTs to hybrids—all of which provides the company with a strong technology foundation and the ability to also license technology in addition to offering its complete line of products.  

Access to these patents can help our customers and clients reduce R&D costs, speed time to market, and gain competitive advantage. Previous licensing deals have already been concluded with some of the largest brands in the automotive industry worldwide.

stepvan_EDI-01aEDI controls or owns key domestic and foreign issued patents that provide its technology foundation. EDI also continues to file additional patents on an on-going basis covering vehicle design, drivetrain designs and technologies, new applications for its intelligent CVTs, and vehicle control algorithms.

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