Remote Vehicle Tracking and Analytics

Simple fleet management with a vehicle tracking and insights into performance, diagnostics, and energy utilization.

For many commercial fleet operators, daily management and oversight of the vehicles, and performance data gathering can be time consuming. To help automate and streamline fleet management, telematics systems are being utilized by fleet operators to monitor vehicle location and performance diagnostics. By implementing telematics, fleet operators are provided with a real-time view of vehicle location, health status, and driver behavior.

The EDI dashboard display and telematics system features leading edge, touch screen technology, delivering access to a wide range of real-time vehicle information. The system gathers input from sensors placed in and around vehicle and displays information to the vehicle operator on a touch-sensitive dashboard screen. The display features the latest innovations in driver and vehicle interface, and information exchange. The display also serves as serves as a point of driver input, allowing the operator to access vehicle information, preventative maintenance information, and seamlessly connects to the internet so the driver can access services, download graphics, and search for information.

Flexible Architecture, faster time to market.

Flexible architecture means easier customization, faster integration and more options for your specific development requirements. Quicker development iterations means faster time to market... a clear market advantage! 


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