Prototypes, demonstrators, and proof of concepts customized to your specifications

We're Flexible: When it comes to providing Proof-of-Concept, Proof-of-Demonstration, and Pre-production Prototype drivetrains and vehicles, EDI designs and works to meet our customers' specific needs. We have broad experience in building prototype systems and partnering to construct complete demonstration vehicles.

We can develop complete drivetrain systems and build technology demonstrators for parallel and series hybrids and battery electric vehicles. We currently wield the world's first medium duty Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) which we are building into multiple demonstrator platforms. From medium duty trucks and step vans, to buses and other heavy equipment industry projects, the CVT also has applications for conventional vehicles.

Whatever the project, we can spec and integrate all major components, systems and subsystems including: motors, power electronics, controllers and control software, battery modules, voltage systems and CVTs (if required) within the vehicle architecture.

In a turnkey approach we provide our technical experts and products, to work with our partners to rapidly design and construct demonstrators. We have a proven process for working with our customers and their suppliers to quickly establish productive synergy and tremendous results.


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