Hybrid & Electric Drivetrain Solutions

Our extensive range of drivetrain technology & hands-on experience makes all the difference

We offer a unique array of products, technology, and engineering services that enable our customers to rapidly develop and produce the most efficient and cost effective hybrid, plug-in hybrid, and electric vehicle drivetrain solutions available in the market.

Our products and technical expertise span light, medium, and heavy duty vehicle classes for both commercial and consumer applications. We work closely and collaboratively with our customers' development organizations to engineer their drivetrain solution and also to supply critical software and other key components needed to produce prototype and volume/high volume vehicle builds.

EDI_drivetrain_masked-01We're very different from other hybrid, plug-in hybrid, and electric drivetrain technology providers because of our unique products and expertise in both parallel and series vehicle architectures across most vehicle duty classes as well as our ability to work with optimized transmission choices. When it comes to providing our hybrid and electric vehicle products and engineering capabilities we actively create differentiation and competitive advantage for our customers by optimizing efficiency, cost, and performance.

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