Exportable Power

Exportable Power & Two Way Charging

Continuous supply of reliable electrical power in remote locations, during planned and unplanned outages, or during natural disasters is increasingly required in utility, public service, and military applications. EDI offers the industry’s highest level of exportable portable power.

Today’s utility, public service, and military organizations are tested with quickly responding to blackouts, natural disasters, and field repairs in the most obscure locations during the most arduous situations. Historically, this has required transporting and hauling stand-alone power generators and the requisite gallons of fuel to power the generators at the remote locations. This has proven costly, difficult to manage, and at times unsuccessful if the equipment doesn’t run as planned.

EDI’s Power Export solution, EDI Power2E™ provides scalable, continuous exportable power of up to 120kW from the hybrid battery system to power large electrical loads, neighborhoods of up to 100 homes, equipment, or tools during the most critical times. Proven in disaster recovery situations—providing power to evacuation camps, and for local Fire Departments—and in standard utility repair services—enabling hot swap out of power transformers during repairs, EDI Power2E™ is unparalleled to any other solution in the industry.

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