EDI Hosts California Legislators at Global Headquarters

California Leaders Stress the Importance of Zero Emissions Technology.

Milpitas, CA July 17, 2015. Efficient Drivetrains, Inc. (EDI) recently held a discussion forum and open house at its global headquarters and customer innovation center for California legislative leaders focused on environmental impacts and advancements in clean vehicle technology.


Senator Wieckowski, chair of the Environmental Quality Committee and Transportation committee member

With the urgent, rising need to reduce carbon emissions and advance clean vehicle technology EDIhosted the event event to gather industry insights, facilitate interactive discussions with environmental and technology committee leaders, and review market trends and drivers.

The event was held at EDI’s newly opened Global Headquarters and customer innovation center in Milpitas, CA. Attendees included industry leaders such as California State Senator Bob Wieckowski, Mayor Jose Esteves of the City of Milpitas, and Damian Breen of the Bay Area Air Quality Management District, as well as members of the assembly. 

CEO Joerg Ferchau opened the event, presenting EDI’s vision for enabling medium and heavy-duty zero emissions commercial vehicles. This segued to legislator presentations, discussing the need for fast-paced technology innovation in the area of advanced zero emissions vehicles. Strong support was expressed for EDI’s technology, advanced manufacturing capabilities, and industry leadership. 

Senator Wieckowski, chair of the Environmental Quality Committee and Transportation committee member, expressed the need for continued investment in advanced vehicle programs.  The Senator foresees a $4.3 billion dollar savings in public health if greenhouse gases are successfully reduced in the next five years, while also eliminating up to 61 tons of air pollution a day. 

Members of EDI’s development team presented the company’s demonstration vehicle projects in a technology tour. Vehicles in the tour featured class 3 through 6 utility trucks, California Energy Commission logistics truck projects, and EDI’s Mass Transportation City Bus.

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