EDI CNG PHEV City Bus Receives Government Certification

Milpitas, CA, January 30, 2015--Efficient Drivetrains, Inc. (EDI), a global leader in advanced, high-efficiency Hybrid and Electric drivetrain solutions, today announced that it has received certification from the government of China for its compressed natural gas (CNG) PHEV bus.


In partnership with leading bus OEM, Euease, EDI was contracted to design and develop a low-cost, durable, CNG PHEV bus. Built upon the foundation of the company’s proven EDI drivetrain, the new bus will be manufactured entirely in China with local components and EDI control systems.

The collaboration began in early 2014 based on Euease’s need for a CNG PHEV bus optimized for the low-speed, stop-and-go driving of inner-city operations. The project was ideal for EDI’s PHEV drive, which can run in all-electric mode for 30 to 50 kilometers per day and recover energy through opportunistic charging at the depot or en route. Although the batteries are used primarily for propulsion, they can also be used to power bus accessories, such as air conditioning, heating, and power steering. 

In late 2014 the EDI city bus took to the roads for certification, undergoing 10,000Km of vehicle durability, performance, and emissions testing, and significant real-life city scenarios. The CNG PHEV bus successfully completed the testing and has received official certification from the government of China. 

“We believe that this new PHEV bus has tremendous potential in China,” says CW Chen, Vice President of Technology and Business Development. “Not only can it reduce emissions and fuel consumption by 50 percent, but it is also a smart investment for mass transportation solution providers. In many cases, a buyer sees an ROI in under 18 months.”

The market-ready bus has already captured the interest of several prospects. A local municipality placed a production order after they were impressed during a ride and drive demonstration.

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