Drivetrains & Components

Increase efficiency and range, reduce fuel consumption and emissions

When developing a hybrid or all-electric vehicle, identifying the exact requirements for drivetrain components or identifying sources for those components can be extremely challenging. This situation can lead to the development of a vehicle that is not optimized or is unnecessarily costly, especially when dealing with motors, transmissions, battery modules, charging systems, clutches, and other major system parts. 

EDI begins the development process with our customer by setting vehicle and market requirements and then producing models and simulations in order to derive the ideal architecture and component characteristics. From there, EDI and its customer can use existing components where possible, or alternatively can decide to develop a new component that precisely meets the design needs for optimized performance and economics.

EDI_drivetrain_masked-01EDI's hybrid electric drivetrain systems and technologies provide significant cost and efficiency advantages by using both parallel and series drivetrain architectures, unique components, and proprietary control software and algorithms. The company's products have direct applications in Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles, Hybrid Electric Vehicles, and Electric Vehicles, across nearly all platforms classes and configurations, including light-, medium-, and heavy-duty market opportunities.

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