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EDI PowerSuite™

The EDI PowerSuite™ Series is an advanced suite of drivetrain control and fleet telematics software enabling management of hybridized and electric drivetrains, and automated and remote monitoring of vehicle performance. 

EDI’s PowerSuite™ is a proprietary hybrid drivetrain control software and telematics application that supports electric vehicle (EV), parallel, and series configurations for all classes of vehicles—from sedans to light-duty cab trucks to heavy-duty buses and trucks. The software includes management and control of complete drivetrains (engines, motors, generators, battery systems, charging systems, clutches, ePTO,etc., and interfaces to critical vehicle systems. It also includes important fault detection and the related management features. EDI’s proprietary control algorithms coordinate drivetrain systems supporting goals for optimum fuel economy and emissions reductions, while maintaining performance.


Modular in design, EDI’s control software can be configured to support a wide variety of drivetrain architectures, components, and vehicle layouts.

The telematics application within EDI PowerSuite™ enables fleet managers to track vehicles and drivers, and to analyze data to continually monitor vehicle and fleet operations and performance.

Features include:

  • Real time vehicle location tracking
  • Two-way communication with vehicle telematics to request specific data, check system integrity, and enable remote command execution
  • View into vehicle sensor readings: speed, coolant temperature, battery state of charge, system status, and more
  • Secure export of position and sensor data for deep analysis
  • Role-based access levels for security
  • Customizable feature set based on fleet management requirements

EDI products and technologies are covered under US and International patents. Click here to review patents.

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