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EDI intelligent control software suite

Managing the operation of hybridized drivetrains is a complex undertaking that requires the development of control systems and algorithms and software operations. Companies desiring to offer a hybrid vehicle in today's market will need to invest in the development of a sizable portfolio of new software or else identify methods to extend their existing vehicle control software to handle the complexities of a hybridized system. The time and resource requirements of developing new control systems are daunting and can have a huge impact on time-to-market and development budgets. Additionally, the absence of internal IP or access to technology can create additional market entry hurdles.


SoftwareArchitecture_4EDI’s proprietary hybrid drivetrain control software applications support electric vehicle (EV), parallel, and series configurations for all classes of vehicles—from sedans to light-duty cab trucks to heavy-duty buses and trucks. The software includes management and energy control of engines, motors, generators, battery systems, charging systems and interfaces to critical vehicle systems, and also includes fault detection and fault management features. The software efficiently coordinates all vehicle components for optimum fuel economy and emissions reductions, while maintaining performance.


Modular in nature, EDI’s control software can be adapted to parallel Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles, Hybrid Electric Vehicles, EVs, CNG and ethanol internal combustion engines, conventional vehicles, and conventional internal combustion engines. Modules include: Electric Motor and Clutch systems, Battery Management and Optimization, and Vehicle Systems Controls. The software controller possesses multiple interfaces for component-agnostic flexibility.

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