Advanced Transmissions

Shift into gears - into endless gears, with the one of the most efficient CVTs in the industry

EDI_continuously_variable_transmissionsIn addition to developing drivetrain solutions using all types of transmission options (AT, AMT, MT), EDI has also developed its own CVT technology which can provide significant performance improvements for Hybrid, Plug-in Hybrid, Electric, and even Conventional Vehicles. It scales across all vehicle sizes, classes, and configurations as well as industrial applications.

EDI's CVTs are targeted at both light and medium duty applications for either front or rear wheel drive and can support requirements for higher torque ranges and greater levels of efficiency than any other CVT transmissions available in the market today. EDI's CVT technology includes designs for high efficiency mechanical CVTs, CVT controls, and for the integration of CVTs into a variety of drivetrain and industrial applications.

CVT_comp_image-05EDI's CVTs are ideally suited for hybrid or plug-in hybrid vehicles because of their need to shift more often due to switching loads between electric motors and internal combustion engines; and also because of the advantages in having a greater number of power transmission ratios available.

These CVTs also have the ability to improve pure electric vehicles by providing the ability to support both high speed driving as well as hill climbing, all while reducing stress on battery packs and other high power electronics. Its mechanical design and technology boost efficiency, which accommodates for better fuel economy and range. It also allows for downsizing of the electronics, the Internal Combustion Engine (ICE), and the Electric Machine, while permitting them to operate along their Ideal Operating Limits (IOL).


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