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About Efficient Drivetrains

Efficient Drivetrains is a global leader and innovator of advanced, high-efficiency Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV) and full Electric Vehicle (EV) drivetrains, exportable power, vehicle control software, and idle mitigation solutions.

With customers and product rollouts in the U.S. and China, EDI provides vehicle developers, manufacturers, and suppliers with highly differentiated products, services, and technologies that enable them to build the most efficient and affordable electric and hybrid-electric vehicles available today.

EDI's technology includes a significant array of PHEV and EV drivetrains control systems and algorithms, architectures, and other critical systems and components that are required to design and manufacture PHEV and EVs. EDI maintains a broad international patent portfolio on its key products and technologies.

EDI's offices and personnel are located in Milpitas and Dixon in California, and Beijing and Shanghai in China.

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